They didn’t see that coming in Back to the Future II


THE Back to the Future trilogy of films are easy to watch, feel good, pieces of escapism.

Back to the Future II was released in 1989 and is set in 2015 – which is only a year away – and if you believe the film then in 12-months time we’ll all still be reading newspapers.

When Doc Brown shows our hero Marty McFly, years before a boy band took his name, what the future holds for him – jail – he does so by showing him the front page of the Thursday 22nd October 2015 edition of USA Today; that’s a newspaper, not a tablet computer.

And while the film also has fax machines, it does correctly predict video games that won’t need hands, as in the Microsoft Kinect, or at the very least won’t need traditional controllers such as the Wii Remote.

It also predicts 1980s retro bars, in this case Cafe 80’s which, I guess, we currently know as Reflex.

The film wasn’t meant to accurately predict the future, but I wonder if the idea of the printed newspaper being superseded in the future in some form or other was discussed at any of the planning meetings?

The laptop computer has been around since 1981, although in reality it wasn’t much more than a word processor, but could anyone 25 years ago have visualised how things would have turned out?

The first tablet, the iPad, was launched almost four years ago and sales of them now outstrip those of the PC.

And all those tablet owners will be at some point, some more than others, looking at the news online at the expense of the print media. Hands up who bought a newspaper today, yesterday, at the weekend? I thought so.

Hopefully, in the remake of Back to the Future II Doc will be using a tablet. They are the future, after all. For now.

I’ve a feeling this blog post might also have sequel.

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