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Trail magazine

TRAIL magazine is possibly the UK’s leading* hillwalking magazine aimed at the serious and experienced hiker, and seeing as I get the majority of my everyday news online I thought I’d give the digital version a go.

Paying my £3.99 to Google Play for my experimental one off, the magazine took around five minutes to download to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, and then… excitement.

It looked just like the real (analogue) thing. I could enlarge the pages with a swipe of my fingers, and by tapping the screen the option of “view text” appeared, bringing up the raw text and images.

But that was as good as it got.

I went online to see if I could find any reviews of it and found this from Richcassidy in relation to his download from the App Store: “I’m a subscriber to the paper magazine which is my favourite outdoor mag. The content is great – interesting articles, really good reviews etc – well worth the money.

“The app is rubbish though. It’s basically the world’s simplest PDF viewer with no features to make use of technology – no links, no bookmarking, no navigation, no notes or annotation – just a bunch of pages you can only view linearly. Almost completely pointless.”

5* for the mag, 1* for the app.

He’s bang on with his summary, although he missed out the inability to print pages and that when you enlarge the pages they end up blurred. Back to the old skool version for me (and no doubt Richcassidy).

As for outdoors magazines as a whole, Cameron McNeish has saved me the trouble of writing a blog post on the future of them.

One more thing; as the self-proclaimed “UK’s best-selling hillwalking title” could you change specialize to specialise in your Live for the Outdoors page, please. This is the UK, not the USA!

* I’m not sure if The Great Outdoors lays claim to the UK’s leading hillwalking magazine.

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