Tech review: Sony Walkman NWZ-W273 waterproof MP3 player

Sony Walkman NWZ-W273 waterproof MP3 playerWE’VE all been there, and many of us still are. Popping our MP3 player in a special pocket or squeezing it into an irritating armband. And then comes the feeding of the wires for the earplugs. And that’s after we’ve realised that the standard ones don’t stay in our ears when we’re running or in the gym; often a case of style over substance, HTC especially should take note.

Time for media player innovator Sony to step forward with the Walkman NWZ-W273*, a portable audio system marketed at swimmers, being 100 per cent waterproof to a depth of two-metres and wire-free; which also makes it ideal for running and in the gym.

Available in three colours (black, white and blue) it has 4gb of storage, which is somewhere in the region of 1,000 songs, and you drag and drop them via the USB docking station which is also how you charge it via copper contact points.

Fully charged you get around eight hours’ listening time but should the battery get low you can give it an hour’s boost with a three-minute charge.

Did I mention there are no wires? That was a small fib; there is one sturdy length that joins the two earpieces together and which trails around the back of the head, out of the way. A simple clip allows you to pull it tight against your noggin, although you don’t need it.

The left pod alters the volume up and down, and the right has the on/off, forward, back and shuffle buttons.

Being so small and compact there isn’t a display screen which means you’re pretty much in the dark as to what you’re listening to or to what’s coming next; depending on how well you know the music that you’ve put on it.

You can play in sequence or put in shuffle mode, and when you turn it off it freezes the track ready to kick-in when you start again. There’s also a lock button so you can’t accidentally turn it off.

The sound quality is excellent as is the fit, and it looks like Sony have hit upon another winner.

* Couldn’t you give it a proper name?

  1. Your describtion of the pods and the buttons is incorrect, beside some buttons that are on the left not the right .. there’s no fast forward button which is frustrating to someone who listens long podcasts or audiobook .. this is why I’m actually returning mine

    • Okay, it’s not fast forward but just forward, but there are buttons on both sides.

      Mine has now broken – though not sure if it’s the charger or the player – and probably got about 15 months of irregular use out of it.

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