Scroobius Pip, Snowdon and Movember

NEVER start by apologising, so I’ll start with an explanation: This is not my usual type of blog post as it’s not much of a story, but I felt this video by Scroobius Pip needed sharing as he says something in it that has never really occurred to me before.

It might help if I start by explaining just who Scroobius Pip is. I’ll call him a wordsmith, he says he’s a “rapper, podcaster, actor & label boss”.

Either way, he does some great things with words, and I found the video below of him climbing Snowdon while searching for him on YouTube.

He calls it the MoMoVember 2012 Mountain Trek (yes, it was three years ago and I’ve only just come across it) and it was shot as part of the Movember campaign.

In his words: “The deal was I do a MOuntain and give myself a MOhawk (at the top… whilst performing Introdiction…) as an alternative to…well…growing a MOustache…”

Anyway, once Scroobius and his entourage get to the top of Snowdon he says that they’re the five highest people in England and Wales.

I’ve never been up Snowdon, although I have climbed Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis, but when I’ve been on top of those mountains I’ve never sat there and thought that at those given moment in time I’d be higher than most other people in UK.

But then, isn’t that one of the reasons we go up mountains; apart from the fact they’re there?

I told you it wasn’t much of a story. Enjoy the video and have a listen to Pip’s Distraction Pieces podcasts.

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