An idea for Shimano cycling shoes, with a nod to Haglöfs


AROUND 18-months ago, high-end outdoor equipment company Haglöfs launched something revolutionary – a range of trail shoes in one single colour.

The Haglöfs Gram shoes look insane coming in blue, yellow or red; that’s the soles, the uppers, the eyelets, the laces.

The first time I saw them I thought they were a bit of a novelty (which they most definitely are, although they are first and foremost genuine fell shoes), but after seeing a few people wearing them I suddenly realised that they’d grown on me.

And then it occurred to me that the cycling world is missing a trick here.

A quick look through the cycling shoes section of the Wiggle website confirmed this; no-one is brave enough to do 100 per cent one-colour footwear.

There’s certainly a wide array of multi-coloured shoes available, but not one of them a single colour.

So I’m throwing the gauntlet down, and I’m throwing it at the feet of Shimano. Why, because they have a distinct corporate colour; pantone 16-4529 TPX cyan blue, I believe? And even though they’ve done an almost blue shoe it didn’t quite hit the spot for me.

This is what they produced for the Tour de France last year, I’m sorry, it’s just not good enough. And they’re shiny.

Shimano R320

Now the gauntlet is down, will Shimano be brave enough?

I’ll even test them for you, Shimano, and write a review, and I’ll also gather a bit of consumer feedback; and it doesn’t matter if they are road or mountain bike, I can accommodate both.

And what’s more, you can have the shoes back when I’ve done with them, because I’m not after a freebie (I’ve enough shoes as it is), but it would be nice to say; “That was my idea”.

If you’re reading this Shimano then you’re obviously on my website, so go to “get in touch” and let’s talk. Oh, and I’m a size 42.

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