Gear review: Outdoor Designs Taku Stretch gloves

Outdoor Designs Taku Stretch gloves

FOR years I’ve used a variety of knitted gloves, in all kinds of weather and from a gentle ramble through the Bolton Abbey Estate to “conquering” Ben Nevis but then again, thankfully, I’ve never been one to suffer from cold hands.

And then, about 18 months back, when I was feeling flush or generous or both, I decided to invest in a pair of proper outdoors gloves which were around £20.

Outdoor Designs Taku StretchPolartec Wind Pro were a good fit and had grippy rubber on the palm.

From the sales literature:

The Outdoor Designs Taku Stretch is a close fitting glove with a bubble grip palm and a roll top box finger construction, which combine to add shape, durability and grip. Made using Polartec Wind Pro with Hardface technology fabric, they gloves are wind resistant and highly durable.

Polartec WindPro with Hardface technology: Has 4x the wind resistance of traditional fleece, while maintaining 85% of the breathability. A midweight fabric, it has a high level of insulation. Hardface technology provides long lasting abrasion resistance.

First time out was to the summit of Skiddaw. It was August Bank Holiday 2011 and for Most of the walk I had bare hands but at some point approaching the summit I popped on my gloves; and what I noticed was that the wind was travelling straight though them.

The summit was being battered by wind and hail and the view was limited. And it was cold; even though it was August Bank Holiday. My hands in my new gloves were cold; certainly no warmer if I’d worn my old gloves.

I could hardly take them back (could I?), so I bought a pair of £8 silk glove liners. Perfect, but really an unnecessary extra purchase.

I saw a great comment to a review on another blog site the other day that was for a North Face beanie hat. The hat was about £20, and the commenter said that was far too much for a hat; buy one from a market for a fiver and you’ll find it does exactly the same thing.

My £2 woolly gloves with rubber bobbles on the palms from Otley Market were bought to take the edge of the cold while running in the winter. They do a great job.

We all like nice gear, especially when new, it’s a great feeling, but sometimes manufacturers concentrate too much on style over substance.

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