Gear review: Light & Motion Taz 1000 cycle light

Light & Motion (L&M) Taz 1000

THE Light & Motion (L&M) Taz 1000 is an all-in-one front light that packs a real punch with three levels of brightness along with pulsing and flashing, and amber lights at the sides as an added safety feature for when on the road.

In the highest setting it has a runtime of one and half hours; with the medium setting giving three hours and the lowest six; but being an all-in-one there’s no battery to change so topping it up is through a micro-USB.

And depending on your choice of charger, it can take between four and 14-hours to be full.

Weighing 216g, the Taz 1000 (the 1000, in case you don’t know, is the lumens given out by the light) is mounted via a secure and stable broad rubber strap which also makes it easy to adjust the beam angle, such as when you leave the trail for the road, plus there’s also the option of a helmet mount.

It’s also waterproof for up to 30-minutes at one-metre; let’s hope I’ll don’t get to test that.

L&M describe the Taz range as “the ultimate all-in-one bar light that’s bright as a car headlamp & fits in the palm of your hand – enhance your ride”, but how does it fare on the battlefield? Time for a (non-scientific) test.

Not far from where I live there’s a bridleway along a former railway line, with mature trees on either side. On the test night the moon was hidden behind clouds and any other bits of light were blocked by the trees; perfect conditions.

I rode up and down the path trying out all three light strengths (1000, 500 and 200 lumens) and at varying speeds, and I was more than happy with all of them – although the more light in front of you, the faster you can go.

But the test I was most keen to conduct was how far the main beam would project, and so using a very unscientific method I got my riding partner to cycle down the path until I shouted ‘stop’, which was just as she went out of view.

I then rode to her measuring the distance on my Garmin Forerunner 210, which came in at around 80 metres; verifying L&M’s claim it’s as ‘bright as a car headlamp’.

Light off; light on.

The L&M Taz 1000 is imported by Madison, and retails for £159.99; although it’s now been replaced by the more powerful Taz 1500 (£229.99), it is still widely available. The Taz 1200 is also available at £199.99.

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