Gear review: Deuter Speed Lite 10 litre backpack

ABOUT four years ago I bought a Toshiba netbook and because I wanted something equally as compact to carry it in I got a Deuter Speed Lite 10 backpack.

It was perfect; the Toshiba fitted in it snuggly and it also fitted snuggly on my back, and then about a year later I was going on a short summer walk and because I didn’t need any wet weather gear, just an extra top, a bit of food and some water, I took the Deuter.

I knew it had a pocket for a hydration bladder but I’d never used it, after all it was for the netbook and only the netbook; until that day when I realised it was the perfect day bag.

I already knew how comfortable it was and that it had a height adjustable chest strap as well as a waist strap, but I’d never really used the mesh side pockets or the top pocket (which also carries an SOS label on the reverse).

Since then the Deuter and I have been on many walking as well as running adventures; I’d somehow got it in my head that for a day walk I had to have a 25 or 30 litre bag; when I blatantly didn’t – quite often 10-litres is more than enough.

I guess the thank you has to go to Toshiba for inadvertently bringing the Deuter into my life; unfortunately the former proved to be severely underpowered and lasted less than a year.

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